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Hudson Valley Sword Academy

En Zan Ryu translates into the style of the far away mountain. Through this art one can improve himself as a human being while he hones his sword technique. Our mission is to provide a safe place to train in the way of the sword, and provide some meaningful way for students to enhance their lives. We are committed to training our bodies, minds, and spirits through swordsmanship.

By practicing wholeheartedly we expect our members to act honorably and with compassion for themselves and the world around them as well as training attentively thereby constantly seeking to self improve and to become positive influences in society.

Hudson Valley Sword Academy is an official branch of the United States Federation of Batto-do (USFBD). Our students pay to become members of both and thus learn Batto-do under the (USFBD) as well as En Zan Ryu.

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About the School & En Zan Ryu

Hudson Valley Sword Academy was founded in 2013. Hudson Valley Sword Academy is the only school in the Hudson Valley that offers the sword style called En Zan Ryu which is a form of iaido that blends other sword forms together (much like Jeet Kun Do does with other hand to hand combat styles.) The name En Zan Ryu is a Japanese name for the style of the far away mountain. As martial artists we feel we are always climbing that mountain but never reaching it's summit. Thus our training should never end.

No one can master anything if he does not first master the basics.

– Soke Raul Acevedo

Our Head Instructor

Soke (Head Master) Raul Acevedo has been a student of the martial arts for decades. In addition to having founded En Zan Ryu, Raul also has a 3rd Dan rank in kendo. Raul was introduced to the sword in 1984 and practiced Tae Kwon Do and Judo as well as some Kung Fu and Ninjitsu. In addition to teaching classes at Hudson Valley Sword Academy, Acevedo Sensei also an avid rifleman and a school counselor.

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Our Location

Hudson Valley Sword Academy
140 NY-32
Central Valley, NY 10917

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7:30 PM Lessons (appointment only)


10:00 AM Kendo & Sword Class

11:00 AM Kendo Practice

12:00 PM Black Belt Class